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We also are proudly to serve the transportations for the tourists both Thai Tourists and Foreigners Tourists for the Lively and Colorful City Sight-Seeing Trips and Delighted all around in every region of Thailand Sight-Seeing Trips. You will experience the greatest and safest traveling by the quality executive management team and professional drivers with the full-hearted to serve our best for you. Our Well-trained Professional Drivers are the expert of the driving ways that you can joy your ride incredibly.

Our Fleet of Vehicles which we provide our best for you which we always do the great maintenance and our staff are also keeping the eyes on the conditions of the vehicles with the professional management team to testify on the quality of the vehicles and services to serve the best for you and satisfy every single ride.

Moreover than the Employees Transportations Services and Traveling Services, we also prepare the activities to support the team work systems and encourage the relationships of the companys employees .

Trained our Professional Drivers and Staff by the officially Department of transportations officers to keep our best quality of services.

We do the act in many Social Concerns and Social Activities to support the Scholarships for the Youth.

Being one of the Sponsors on National Sports Competitions and continuingly support the Community Sports Competitions are also one of our proud.

Giving back to the social is one of our duties.

Last Update: 09-06-2017

Sumitra Tour and Transervice Company Limited
We deliver the professional services on Employees Transportation Services ( Cooperate Transportation Services ). We are a fully licensed transportation company that utilize contract carriers and private fleets to secure consistent service and flexibility. We apply our experience, energy, and enthusiasm to meeting your needs.
We promise that we will not look over the tiny details on your ride, even the Freshness of Vehicles Air-Conditioners, Comfortable of the Passengers Seats, the Cleaned Restroom, and the Entertaining Accessories to serve you all the way long.

From a 12 Passengers Air-Conditioners Vans to 50 Passengers Air-Conditioners Double Decker Buses transporting Employee Transportation Services, we can handle them all.

Our combination of employees and vehicles ensure an unparalleled core service to you is shuttling employees, taking them to work and bringing them home safely and in comfort.

The entire focus of all of Sumitra Tour and Transervice Company Limited and our corporate initiatives, is the delivery of superior customers services.

We firmly believe that our primary business objective is to remain a leader of, and innovator within, the bus transportation industry. "Driven by Safety"

We're changing the perception of the people transportation business :
  • Our People are Developed, Mentored, Trained, Motivated, Ownership at the front line level.
  • Our Infrastructure Proven operation teams and systems. Established base of operations.
  • Understanding of people transportation. Corporate depth and financial strength
Our Responsiveness :
  • To our customers' needs
  • To our employees' needs
  • To changing conditions
Our Vehicles :
  • Accessibility for the mobility impaired
  • State of the art
  • Safe, comfortable
Our Appreciations :
  • For our customers' needs and opinions
  • For the communities we serve
  • For our employees
Our Creativities :
  • To develop transportation solutions that respond to our customers' needs
  • To continually strive to improve all facets of our award winning services

Our Vision :
  • To challenge our employees to be their best
  • To participate and contribute to the success of the communities we serve
Our Fleet of Vehicles :
  • 12 Passengers with Air-Conditioners Van
  • 26 Passengers with Air-Conditioners VIP Vehicles
  • 30 Passengers with Air-Conditioners VIP Vehicles
  • 42 Passengers with Air-Conditioners Semi-Double Decker Bus
  • 50 Passengers with Air-Conditioners Double Decker Bus with the opened windows on the first floor

We honestly serve you with the best quality and the best price.

The Comfy Accessories as you sit back and relax at your home such as Television, VCD or DVD Player, Stereo, and the Well- Cleaned Restroom.

Entertainment Accessories of the transportations, we do our best to entertain you by providing the ;

  • Music VDO
  • Comedies as Variety Shows, Talk Shows, Series
  • Modern, Mystery, Ancient, Natural, Animals, Interesting Articles
  • Athletics

To Entertain you during the traveling back and forth.


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